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Actors and Film – Sepia Saturday

I have been so busy as of late, back and forth in 2 states,  I didnt even visit the Sepia Saturday Site one week, so Im glad I checked and saw that my idea was used for this weeks post! So of course I had to make time ( I have an hour and a half window of alone time as I write this) and probably this will be the only real free time to do this all week. I miss having free time, but hopefully in the future I will have other things settled down and can devote more time to this. I really want to devote time to more research on photos, showcasing them and hoping for more reunions. Ive been getting many emails and comments from relatives from the blogs I have already done and there are so many others I havent even been able to work on yet! I really want an office space to devote to this and a place to hang and store all the photos. So thats a future goal!

I have a previous entry featuring some actor Cabinet Card photos, which is where this fellow comes in. I just love this photo! To see more from this previous post go here

On to this weeks topic of Movie, Film and Actors!

I used to work at a Film Archive, mainly dealing in 16mm and 35mm film, I was there to list Movie Posters, Lobby Cards, Photo Stills, etc. So I began to have more of an education on older Hollywood. Also during my time there I saw many old films on the big screen. I was able to go to The Egyptian theatre in Hollywood and sit 2 seats behind Charlton Heston and his wife and watch Ben Hur. They also had a question and answer time with him and he recited some lines from Planet of the Apes for us. 🙂 What a wonderful experience and a wonderful man and actor!

I also watched Scarface at the Egyptian with Steven Bauer “Manny” present for question/answer time. Mind you I had never seen Scarface before, knew of it, but I was little when it came out and just had never seen it, so much better to still see it on the big screen!

If you are ever in Hollywood try and visit and see whats playing, often actors are there to speak for an intimate Q and A session.

My boss and his wife were like Movie Pickers of sorts, people contacting them to buy film collections. So all sorts of things were included in these collections. Always looking for a treasure! So from my memory, these photos belonged to an old Film School teacher I believe out of USC or UCLA,  from what little of the story I can remember was he had a bunch of stuff stored in a damp basement. So many of these items were water damaged and things like that. A lot of the items were sold on e Bay back in the day. I was given some remnants a few years ago of a few left. Some I  have identified, others not, or maybe someone viewing can help!

Enjoy! These are all real photographs, the teacher had mounted many of them on cardboard with magnets glued to the back, and I believe they decorated the classroom at one time.

Sorry its a little blurry I could not get it to lay flat on the scanner as the cardboard on back is warped. This is Charlie Chaplin in “The Great Dictator” from 1940. This was Chaplin’s first talking picture. Also this was the first film to bitterly satirize Nazism and Adolph Hitler, at the time of its release the US was still formally at peace with Nazi Germany. Chaplin’s film advanced a stirring, controversial condemnation of Hitler, fascism, antisemitism, and the Nazis, whom he excoriates in the film as “machine men, with machine minds and machine hearts”. (some info from wikipedia)

Lizabeth Scott – Film Noir actress. Love the hair and makeup! Not sure which film this is from.

 This one is signed “Love Alice or Alise” have no clue who she is or what year it was taken.

Other items below are just some Film Items as I have been clearing out loot for sometime.

Old Movie/Film Containers. Most of these I sold, but the small one on top still has some of the label on it and where it was sent too, I believe a theatre in Iowa.

Acme Simplex 35mm Projector. Has film magazines like mickey mouse ears that would sit on top, only has one with it, the projector still works. I believe this is early 20s or 30s. This one just recently found a home. Weighed something like 150 pds!

Old Film Rewind

Pathe Projector

I really wish I could have devoted more time to this entry and written more but this will have to do for now, Miss you all and Im sorry I havent posted in several weeks, its not because I dont want too! I miss it! But I really like to study and give a fair amount of time to my photos when I do post, so when my schedule frees up know that I will be back at it, heaven  knows I have pictures screaming at me to get posted and find their place in the world again to be viewed by others.


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