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Alphonse Reandeau and Jackson Children

Photo of Alphonse Reandeau and wife Julia Bertrand.


Parents to Eva Grace Reandeau
Alphonse Reandeau
Born in Jefferson Union South Dakota Aug 25 1872
He died in Washington , Sept 17, 1959
He married Julia Elizabeth Bertrand
She was born 1870 in Jeferson Union SD
Died Mar 1931 in SD
They were married 1889 in Oklahoma

Alphonse’s father was Lezeimer Reandeau and his mother was Mary Petroy

Frank Elroy and Marinda Alma (Sheldon) Jackson

Corda E Jackson Townsley (1895 – 1976)
Vera Lavon Jackson Blunt (1900 – 1995)
Carrol Elroy Jackson (1901 – 1973)

More photos in this batch contain the family names Johndrow, Johndrow, Bedford, Sadie Foster and John Poole, Edmond and Edgar Chausse, Emma, Ben and Bob Remillard.


Photo of the little boy with a violin on the back reads “Lois Gray, his mother was Florence Johndrow and she was the daughter of Isrel Johndrow. She divorces Gray and her aunt and uncle Mose Bedfords adopted him when he was a small child. He died when he was about 21 yrs old. So he was Lois Bedford when he died”

Some of the notes on the photos says “from the estate of Lillie Mildred Jackson Johndrow” and  one says “Identified by M. Virginia Welty”


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Minnie Yates – El Dorado, Kansas

2 Cabinet Card Photos. Found during December 2012 in a Phoenix, Az antique shop.

Large one says on back “Minnie Yates (McSpaden or McFadden?)

Sister of John Ewings Yates

Small photo says “In dark green, Minnie Yates” and the same notation of being uncertain of her last name with the two options listed above.


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Stapleton, Baumgartner, McNary and Rodgers – Oregon

(UPDATED 2015 – Photos have found a home with relatives who read this blog)

These photos came out of the a large batch that I am doing entry by entry and breaking up into last names, piecing together the puzzle along the way.

1901 Ada Stapleton Baumgartner and Josephine Baumgartner(very faded photo)

Roy Stapleton, Salem, Oregon Cabinet Card 1890

Roy Stapleton Photo 1908

Roy Stapleton Portrait, Albany, Oregon 1938

Arthur Stapleton, Salem, Oregon Cabinet Card. Died in Childhood of Diptheria Feb 10, 1886 (little boy seated in first cabinet card above, second is Roy 1890)

I believe all these photos are connected to the collection with Caughell/Caughill photos in another blog you can see here

From internet research Ada Stapleton married Joseph Baumgartner and had a daughter Lenta B. who married John R. Caughell.

This photo reads on back “Blanche Albert Rodgers and Ada Stapleton Baumgartner”

This is a fun one outside on a Hammock. Reads on the back “July 29, 1891 Salem, Oregon. Left to Right – Jessie Breyman McNary, has the name Margaret Rodgers crossed out and a ? instead, Blanche Albert Rodgers”

This photo says on back “Blanche Albert Rodgers, taken at 210 Center St.”


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Horn Family Photo

Found in Phoenix, Az Antique Shop July 2012

Backside of Photo reads “To Mrs. Annie Graves and Family. Compliments of Siddie and Belle Horn, taken Jan 13, 1917

From Internet research and findagrave, this is Sidney M. Horn, born March 17, 1873 in Davis, Iowa and died July 30, 1957 in Moulton, Iowa.

His wife Laura Bell Monk born March 21, 1882 in Illinois and died June 22, 1967 in Moulton, Iowa.

They had 3 children

Son Merrill R.

Daughter Floy M. Born 1903 and died in 1937

And son Clarence L.

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Granville and Nettie Shedd

Found these 2 smaller Carte De Vista Photos in a Phoenix, Az shop this past week.


The man’s says “Granville Shedd” on the back, Girl’s says “Nettie Shedd” on the back, and they were taking in East Jaffrey, New Hampshire

From a New Hampshire Civil War Soldiers Web page

Granville Shedd — Jaffrey, NH —  enlist date -13 Aug 1862– New Hampshire — Union Army

Found some other info on Family Search site that says

Annette M. Shedd born May 24, 1861 in Jaffrey, Cheshire, New Hampshire and Granville Shed is listed as her parents, no mother or siblings are listed.

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Miss Martha Quosick – Bloomington, Illinois

Here we have Martha,

I found these 2 Cabinet Card photos this past week at a shop in Phoenix, Az. I bought both of them as I could see they had the same name on the back.

Quosick Quosick2

The back reads “Miss Martha Quosick, 712 E. Taylor St. , Bloomington, Illinois”

They both give the name and address, and then the other one, with the white gown, where she is holding a fan and wearing a crown says “Elected Queen of….. Oct 5th and coronated on…” someone trimmed the edges of the photo and so I cant make out the rest of what it once said as it was trimmed away.

From some google searching I have found that Martha D. Quosick married Axel E. Olson

Martha was born March 10, 1882 and died March 12, 1947

Her parents were Herman G. Quosick and Mother Johanna S. Kathrey they were born in Nordhausen Germany

Husband Axel Born Aug 19, 1881 and died March 23, 1931

They had children listed in the 1940 Census, Raymond, Albert, Dorothy and Edgar

Daughter Dorothy M. Olson (B-Dec 12 23, 1918 and D- Nov. 13, 2001)

Dorothy married Harold W. Finger. (1915-2006)

In the one photo she is dressed in a dark long dress with a fur(maybe a mink? Its a long fur) and she has a had adorned in feather.

In the second photo she is wearing a long white dress, holding a fan and wearing a crown.

So I would guess she came from a family of wealth with the clothing and I am not sure if this would have been a school type pageant/college?

Very pretty woman, makes you wonder her story and her history and did her married life contain pretty fancy dresses like she wore when she was “Miss Martha”

My mother found this info, sometimes finding an obituary or death gives some clues often times to how peoples photos came to be here in Az, many people come here to retire, and when they pass away, many of their items go to estate sales if family dont come to claim the items. This could have been where some of these old photos ended up.

Anne Elizabeth Taylor passed away peacefully at her home in Sierra Vista, Ariz., on Jan. 23, 2009.

Anne was preceded in death by her parents Harold J. Finger and Beatrice T. Finger, and by her brother Harold F. Finger.

During her career Anne worked in libraries in Mississippi, Texas, Arizona and Germany.

Anne was a librarian at El Paso Community College for 10 years before moving to Arizona in 1992. In 2000-2001 Anne served as president of the Special Libraries Division of the Arizona Library Association.

When Anne retired in 2003, she was head of the archives and library at the Arizona Historical Society Museum in Tempe. Following her return to Sierra Vista, Anne was active in the Sierra Vista Historical Society until her illness prevented her participation.


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Staley – Indiana

I believe I found these Cabinet Cards in a Phoenix, Az antique shop

1. Great Grandmother Staley in Terra Haute, Indiana

2. Grandfather Staley’s brother Manuel and his wife (no state listed)

3. Grandmother Staley in  Vicennes, Indiana

4. Jessie and Ethel Staley – Terra Haute, Indiana (these are small children)

On the back of one photo it looks addressed to send to

(hard to read what first letters say) Dr. S B Staley, Bricknell, Indiana  (hard to read what first letters say)
When searching the net there is a Free Ebook that contains the Staley family, seems to be the right area and there is a mention of Mr. Staley and one of his son’s being named Manuel. You can read the full story here…


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Spencer Farmhouse – Waupaca, Wisconsin Pictures

Various photos out of Waupaca, Wisconsin

First photo reads on back “Ethelyn Spencer” My mothers sisters daughter

In the 1910 Census there is a Fred and Edith Spencer in Waupaca, Wisconsin with a daughter Ethelyn M. Spencer who was age 22 at the time.

I do not know if this one is related to the same Spencer family but contains the same last name in this large batch of photos.

First one reads “South side Spencer Farmhouse, Waupaca, Wisconsin 8/16/1918”

Second reads “North Side of Spencer Home, Waupaca, Wisconsin, Aug 5, 1918 at 4pm”

This photo reads on the back “Elizabeth Roberts, Major Roberts daughter, one of my chums” Waupaca, Wisconsin.

From Census Records there was a Elizabeth S. Roberts born in 1885, in 1900 census in Waupaca, Wisconsin. Parents Robert and Amy Roberts. I also did some research to see if there was any Major Roberts in Wisconsin. Do find mentions on google of a Major Robert N. Roberts, Thirty-eighth Wisconsin Infantry 1865.

From this site

Another Cabinet Card Photo labeled Waupaca, Wisconsin

There are names written in pencil faint at the bottom, it looks like “Aggie and Mamie Holmes”

Miss Bissie or Bessie Taylor


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Edward and Ida Jeffreys – Beatrice, Neb

Found this photo in an antique store in Chandler, Az.

Cabinet Card Photo

Photographer – Taylor, Beatrice, Neb

I purchased this one due to all the information on the back, someone took the time to document and place a post it note on the back.

Reads Uncle Ed and Aunt Ida Jeffreys in pencil on the back of the Cabinet Card Photo. The post it note reads “Edward Duke Jeffreys and Ida Mary Eby Jeffreys. Wedding picture August 20, 1895.”

Info found on rootsweb ..

Edward Duke Jeffreys

  • Birth: 12 Dec 1866 in New Middleton, Smith County, Tennessee
  • Death: 5 May 1932 in Plattsmouth, Cass County, Nebraska
Ida Mary Eby. Ida died at age 41 and they had many children
  • Birth: 19 Aug 1876 in Mendota, Lasalle County, Illinois 1
  • Death: 29 May 1917

Also found this info, has all of their children listed, Ida’s name is different


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Ignac Kubala – Yoakum, Texas

Short and Sweet this week. My husband lost his grandmother a few months ago and we are busy driving about 3 hours round trip to clean out her home. Which is its own historical family discovery of sorts. Hoping to do some family posts at some point.

Anyways, this if off topic, I do have another post with store fronts I did not too long ago that can be found here.

And for this weeks post.

Found in Lancaster, Ca antique shop

2 Cabinet Card Photos

One is a wedding Photo, and the other is a solo portrait of the bride at a another time. Has the name “Ignac Kubala” written on one of them. There is an Ignac and Josephine Kubala listed in Lavaca, Texas in the 1920 Census.

Photographer on her photo is Montgomery, Yoakum, Texas



UPDATE  Jan 2, 2013: I was contacted by a relative and these photos are going to James who also attached a nice letter about his relatives to add to the blog

December 23, 2012

 The wedding photo is of my maternal grandparents, Ignac (Ignatius) and Josephine (nee Maly) Kubala who were married in 1902 in Yoakum (Lavaca County), Texas. The photo of the woman sitting alone is of my grandmother, however the date of that photo is not known.


Interestingly, the English translation of the Czech word “maly” is “small” and Josephine, from what I’ve been told, was a small woman, only about five feet tall, whereas Ignac stood over six feet.


Both Ignac Kubala and Josephine Maly were born in Moravia, Czechoslovakia; Josephine in 1866 and Ignac in 1867. Ignac passed away February 4, 1921 at the relatively young age of 53 and Josephine died September 10, 1942 at the age of 76. They had four children in the following order: John, Joseph, Mary (my mother) and Ignatius. All four of their children are now deceased.


Ignatius, their youngest son, nicknamed “Live Oak”, played professional baseball and their two eldest grandsons (my Uncle John’s sons), Johnny and Raymond, were outstanding football players at West (Texas) High School and at Texas A&M University. In fact, Raymond (Ray) Kubala went on to play professionally for the Denver Broncos (1964-1967).


Needless to say I’m quite thrilled to find the photos of my maternal grandparents, whom I never had the privilege to meet, since I wasn’t born until 1948.




James A. Dewees

Only child of Mary Josephine Kubala-Dewees (1910-1995)

& Adron B. Dewees (1916-1975)


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