Stapleton, Baumgartner, McNary and Rodgers – Oregon

(UPDATED 2015 – Photos have found a home with relatives who read this blog)

These photos came out of the a large batch that I am doing entry by entry and breaking up into last names, piecing together the puzzle along the way.

1901 Ada Stapleton Baumgartner and Josephine Baumgartner(very faded photo)

Roy Stapleton, Salem, Oregon Cabinet Card 1890

Roy Stapleton Photo 1908

Roy Stapleton Portrait, Albany, Oregon 1938

Arthur Stapleton, Salem, Oregon Cabinet Card. Died in Childhood of Diptheria Feb 10, 1886 (little boy seated in first cabinet card above, second is Roy 1890)

I believe all these photos are connected to the collection with Caughell/Caughill photos in another blog you can see here

From internet research Ada Stapleton married Joseph Baumgartner and had a daughter Lenta B. who married John R. Caughell.

This photo reads on back “Blanche Albert Rodgers and Ada Stapleton Baumgartner”

This is a fun one outside on a Hammock. Reads on the back “July 29, 1891 Salem, Oregon. Left to Right – Jessie Breyman McNary, has the name Margaret Rodgers crossed out and a ? instead, Blanche Albert Rodgers”

This photo says on back “Blanche Albert Rodgers, taken at 210 Center St.”


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2 responses to “Stapleton, Baumgartner, McNary and Rodgers – Oregon

  1. Kelly Loughary

    These Photos were taken by Sally Bush. She was the daughter of Ashell Bush who was the Editor of Salem Oregon’s first newspaper (can’t remember off hand the name of the paper). Ada Stapleton is my great grandmother. Josephine Baumgartner was my great aunt. I have more photos like this. Sally Bush was Ada’s best friend. Most of the photos were taken in the front yard of the Bush house which still stands in Salem Oregon. It is used as a Museum and Art Center today. The last photo was taken in front of my great grandparents (Joel and Ada) home on Center Street. I need to check this out with my mother but I believe the house on Center street was moved to make room for the Salem state library where Josephine later worked as the states research librarian. I was told that the view out her office window was the same view she had as a child out her bedroom. I left a comment on the Grand View hotel photos. I would love to know what other photos you have.

  2. Here is how the Grandview photos from Wi. and the Stapleton Baumgartner photos are related. John Rowe Caughell son of (John D. caughell), moved to Oregon from Wi. with his wife Maude Rowe. They had a son, John Rowe Caughell who married Lenta Baumgartner Daughter of Joel and Ada (Stapleton) Baumgartner.

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