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Postcards – Sepia Saturday

This weeks Sepia Saturday Post is not on theme but I do have a little something different, Postcards, one with a photo, one with quite a bit written on the back that I did my best to transcribe. Enjoy!

Postcard says on the front “Suppose you remember the girl you left behind”

Back is totally filled with writing but no date stamp or identifying info.


Sunday Night 9pm

Dear Joe,

This letter I wrote you Saturday didnt get off as I wasnt through with it when the postman came. I want to tell you now before you read it that it isnt a very cheerful letter but I cant help it Joe. Im homesick lonely and blue and dont sleep one bit at night dreaming and thinking about home and Joe. Ill have to go back someway or somehow I am just losing my mind here. Today is another rainy cold dismal day. I am in the kitchen now by the stove while Rae irons a shirt waist. I made your new watch fob this afternoon. I remember when I took the one to (precor?) what I had made that one the first month we were engaged Jan 1907. I was so happy then and so miserable now. You know (?) swivel was broken so I took mine off of the gold chain (?)

Someday I can get me another one. I got your letter yesterday afternoon telling me you didnt write 7 hour day, I am glad you went out with (?) for a little recreation. I never want to go (?) only home

L0ts of Love, Carnie

You can tear the stamps off this letter here and use them again. Nevermind I will take them off as I need them right now

Rae picked this card out for me to send you its very appropo


Don’t you just love how they are posted with their cigars in their mouths?

Backside reads

“ALL WELL”  and addressed to

Mrs. Ida Baslom

72 Bates Street

Logansport, Indiana

Postmarked “Iowa Sept AM 1907”


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Edward and Ida Jeffreys – Beatrice, Neb

Found this photo in an antique store in Chandler, Az.

Cabinet Card Photo

Photographer – Taylor, Beatrice, Neb

I purchased this one due to all the information on the back, someone took the time to document and place a post it note on the back.

Reads Uncle Ed and Aunt Ida Jeffreys in pencil on the back of the Cabinet Card Photo. The post it note reads “Edward Duke Jeffreys and Ida Mary Eby Jeffreys. Wedding picture August 20, 1895.”

Info found on rootsweb ..

Edward Duke Jeffreys

  • Birth: 12 Dec 1866 in New Middleton, Smith County, Tennessee
  • Death: 5 May 1932 in Plattsmouth, Cass County, Nebraska
Ida Mary Eby. Ida died at age 41 and they had many children
  • Birth: 19 Aug 1876 in Mendota, Lasalle County, Illinois 1
  • Death: 29 May 1917

Also found this info, has all of their children listed, Ida’s name is different


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Myrtle E. Chase – Cooperstown, NY Photo

Cabinet Card photo found in Antique Store in Chandler, Az

Photographer Felfer, Cooperstown, N.Y.

On back of photo in black cursive it says Fannie “A Merry Christmas” Myrtle E. Chase 3 1/2 yrs old.”


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Sepia Saturday – Scouts

This Weeks Theme is “Scouts”: at

I do not know if this is anything Scout related but still has the same feel.

This came from a Previous Blog about Ernie Kolleas, this is labeled “Mapleton School Pageant Parade 1932-1933”, This is the from first album I have showcased here and had reunited with family as a result of this blog, you can see that blog here….

I was never in the Scouts, I was a Bluebird and then a Campfire Girl. I remember this day, it was in one of the buildings around the Palmdale, Ca libary. I was so nervous as they said if the US flag touched the ground you had to burn it. So I was just a scared girl holding this heavy pole trying not to let the flag touch the floor. I couldnt focus on anything else or tell you what else we did that day, because that is ALL I remember.

We had an event called Dollie Derby. One of my favorites as a Campfire girl, we would go to the local thrift stores and get old dolls. We would take them back and clean them up, style and put their hair in curlers and our leader helped us sew new dresses for our dolls. I remember I had a Crissy Doll (the type with the long pony tail that cranks into her head).

Anyways then our dolls went to a Charity event and were sold. They had a special celebrity guest for us. For those who remember “Tootie” from early “The Facts of Life” Days, she was in a wheelchair that day as she had some foot injury. I just remember leaving with an autographed photo of her that I have still have somewhere in one of my scrapbooks. (thats me on the left, I think this event took place in Burbank, Ca)

Funny now one of my friends in this very photo is a grown Mother of 4 and a Girl Scout leader and the big Cookie Selling Mommy these days in town.

I have always commented how different it was when we were kids selling things as Campfire girls. We had to wear our uniforms, our neck scarves perfect, our hair groomed, our white shirts and blue jeans. We practiced a coined speech to sell Campfire Candy. We were very polite and taught proper etiquette in how to speak. “Hi my name is Sharon, would you like to buy some Campfire Candy? We have Almond Roca or Mint Patties” I dont really know what the money was for that we raised. I just know I wanted to win the cool big stuffed animal prize that I never won each year as you had to sell crazy amounts to get it. I remember standing in front of Alpha Beta grocery store and inside the plush looking Crocker Bank which was nice and warm inside. Taking shifts and rotating and sitting in the car with our leader crocheting wire coat hangers with yarn and drinking hot chocolate. Good times!


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