J.L. Miller House Ottawa, Kansas Postcard Photo


I really wanted to comb through my albums and find some tree photos but time was sparce this week and so I had to go with something else I had already worked on and not put up yet. I feel left out if I dont post on Sepia Sat!

I love old photos of houses, I always wonder if the home is still standing. Was it saved? Preserved, torn down? What became of it?

I love to look for old photos of my hometown, compare ones still standing, or what used to be.

Is this some photo relatives never knew about and could look back into time, a time they never knew and see the old home of relatives?
I am particularly attached to old homes due to my experience with both my Grandparents old homes, I was able to see them both, one is still standing, but is gradually withering away, but amazing its still there from the late 1800s. But my other Grandmas home fell into the ground, My mom said the house was already 100 yrs old when her parents got it when she was a kid, so it was certainly old, and fell into the ground full of stuff. Me and my sister joke that its an archaelogical dig, but really Im not kidding when I say that. Family still reside on the property beside what fell in the ground.

Im working on a blog about my family and the old homes, it will be a detailed treat once Im done!

So for now you get to see this photo Postcard. This one came out of Cambria, California, some antique shop. It says it is the “J.L. Miller House, Ottawa, Kansas”

Have done some minor research on the family search site, several Miller families come up in the area in census records but no exact initials to match. I did a google search and their is one post on ancestry of someone with photos from 1915 of a J.L. Miller Birthday Party in the same town.


It looks like 2 small children are up near the house.

Enjoy the Miller home, with some scattered trees in the scene, and is that a water tower in the back?



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6 responses to “J.L. Miller House Ottawa, Kansas Postcard Photo

  1. Karen S.

    Oh this is a great house, and the best part is showing all the fun little buildings that make it what it is…a farm or whatever…is that another child or a dog? I’ll have to see if I can enlarge this! Thanks!

  2. Good luck in your search. Too bad the post in your link was made so long ago.

  3. Well you got some trees in the photo, I wondered also whether the house was mad of wood.

  4. That is a BIG house! Karen and I are alike in that we gravitate toward the people and animals I think.

  5. The best part of these old houses? The neighbors were at least acres away!

  6. Very similar to my great grandmother’s house, which was long gone by the time I was born. I know it though because my mother had a doll house custom made in the same style. Patterned off a similar photo too.

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